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New Chapter

a new chapter

leaving costa rica for now

back to the mountains

one beautiful place for another

two years to live by the sea

be swept away by the jungle magic

plant medicines from the earth turned my insides out and cleansed my soul

surfing waves that are etched in my memory forever brought me back to my childhood dreams of being a surfer girl and remember the power of the ocean is in my veins

i had lost my will to live after my son Cheyne left the planet, tho living loving + serving others always gave me joy and purpose + my other 2 amazing sons, but i knew i had to want to live for ME too.

this new moon in libra of balance, harmony, courage, and love + the start of Navaratri festival of the goddess inside us all, i’m happy to report this mama’s got her mojo back.

thanks to my dedication to dig deep, the people places practices plants and power of the Godforce that is in everything and didn’t give up on this one shakti ma.

i’ve reclaimed all my parts, my butterfly wings are spread, i’m here to rock, love the journey, + surf the waves of life


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