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New Moon Love Letter

Happy Spring Friends!

I hope this new moon in Aries finds you with a soul on fire! This first new moon of the astrological year in fire sign Aries can inspire you to ignite confidence, courage, disciplined action, and unshakable faith to believe in yourself and your dreams. This is the time to dig deep and clarify your soul purpose. How can you honor your own sacred path without feeling you are letting anyone else down? The fact is, when you truly honor the voice of the Divine and live the life you were meant to live, the whole world wins.

Saturday, April 6, is my son Cheyne's birthday and he would have been 25. My Aries fire son was filled with so much passion and soul! I found this quote by Ferdinand Foch on his page: "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human SOUL ON FIRE."

In his honor, Soul on Fire has been my theme for the year, and forevermore. I will strive to support you to learn sacred practices to heal, empower, and take leaps towards your dreams. Yoga gives you tools to survive, thrive, and and be true to your path through all the ups and downs of life. Us Yogis, we fall like all others, but we get back up and keep on. I wish my son would have had these tools, and I am more passionate than ever to give them, share them, and live them so that all tender souls may find the love inside for this lila called life.

"She was a warrior. No matter how many times she fell, she always dared to begin again." ~Spirit Daughter

That's me. I know now that I truly am a warrior to live through this loss. To see through the lens of a mystic and find my will to live amidst the pain and still be able to find happiness inside my broken heart. To know Divine love and earthly love. To have fallen and begin to rise back up. To follow a new dream.

I taught my last public class at Yoga for the Peaceful last week. I have been teaching yoga in Crested Butte for 21 years, and twelve years at Y4P since I opened it! There are many reasons, but you know how sometimes you just know beyond all the reasons, it's just time. I love the studio, I love my students, I love creating ritual classes, I love teaching the style of yoga taught to me by my beloved Shiva Rea, I love the look on peoples faces when they roll out of savasana, I love singing Ram, Ram on my harmonium to them after every class, I love creating playlists with my friends' music and artists that speak to us in the universal language of music, I love the movement alchemy created by all who show up, I love it, all of it. But it's time. Time to pass the torch to the dozens of teachers I've trained who can continue the legacy of teaching the path of love I believe is the most important aspect of yoga. Time for me to allow myself to heal deeply and go inwards. Time to create new offerings.

Time to write my BOOK. Yes, I am letting this secret out to you now. I have wanted to write a book possibly all my life. But all the self-imposed limitations held me back. My Cheyne is gently nudging me, Mom, Mom, do it... it's time. So I decided I'm claiming it. In hopes that whatever happens along that journey if it comes to the hands of the people Goddess willing, it may be a blessing. So I take the next leap. I will continue teaching a few workshops, retreats, and trainings, focus on my Yoga Teacher Mentorship Courses, and enjoy this new cycle of my life.

I believe the power of authentic grieving as well as coming back to the present and activating my mind powerfully is the way for me to heal. Finding happiness amidst life's challenges is the secret. I am grateful that my nature always reaches for the simple pleasures of life that are so vast; the miraculous beauty of nature that fills me up, the joy that comes from helping and supporting others, the peace of mind at the end of the day knowing that I have done my best, deep friendships and connections with loved ones, feeling the holy support of my wisdom guides, and surrendering again and again knowing that as I let go, Spirit is holding me.

I'm holding you too my friends~

Your Dasi, Monica

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