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New Moon LoveLetter

Dear Familia,

Oh my Goddess, what has happened in the last month in our world is hard to fathom. I was living La Pura Vida, and then it seemed overnight everything changed. Now, I am in quarantine, along with much of the world, though I prefer to call it Personal Retreat. It seems to be an opportunity for all of us to go inwards and face personal, global, and planetary health issues that have no borders and discriminate against no one.

This Aries new moon it’s a fire sign, and coincides with the beginning of the new astrological year. I see this as a gift from the stars, and an opportunity to find the fire inside to face down the epidemic of fear with the more powerful pandemic of LOVE.

Instead of social distancing, how can you engage in soulful distancing?

Can you send out beams of love through your eyes as you bring your hands together with all your heart in Namaste to greet people from 6 feet away?

As much as we are all being affected economically, can you give a little bit to people that are in desperate need more than yourself? 

What personal or lifestyle habits can be updated to tread a little softer upon Mother Earth and live your values more integrally?

What borders do we need to adapt and change, and where do we need to come together and support one another through these difficult times?

How can you be a part of making sure that new leaders are voted into office? Leaders who are for ALL the people; the hopeless, disenfranchised, disabled, elderly, and everyone on the periphery.

Where will you be courageous?

Aries is a sign of action. I believe that we are all being called to our own holy greatness right now. As the health of humanity is in crisis right now, those of us who have chosen to be here at this time have the opportunity to be light workers, healers, changemakers, and heroically rise up to serve your gifts in the world. My beloved son Cheyne was an Aries, and I hear and feel him encouraging me to be my highest expression in all of my words, thoughts, and actions.

I have seen the women in my Soul on Fire Mentorship Group ignite their soul missions and move rapidly into action and I see it happening all over the world. When the going gets tough, the tough are called to wisdom in action.

Now more than ever people need your ingenuity, problem-solving skills, gifts, generosity, wisdom, and heart. Now is the time to come together as one human family, create new ways to stay connected, take your health into your hands, and believe that we can create a new future even when things seem to be falling apart.

I am praying for all of you, praying for the world, praying for miracles that I know are possible, and believing in the invisible reality that is possible for a new world, a new way to live, and be the highest expression of yourself that you were meant to be. 

Love is the Answer!


Your Dasi,


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