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Prayer is a profound way to offer your heart to the world.

I was born to a family of deep mystics with a faith in God that has blessed me to ride the waves of life with courage and love. My faith has gotten me through so much in life, and I truly believe that in these extraordinary times, faith can pull us through it all.

This is a Bodhichitta prayer I say everyday to connect my heart to the heart of all, and to offer up all of my thoughts, words, and actions to the benefit of all beings.

It is a reminder that you are divine, you are born out of love, and you contain within you vast compassion that is available to bless up all those around you and see with eyes that go beyond the outer appearances and circumstances.

When you realize your deep compassionate heart is immeasurable, and that of others is so too, it gives you spiritual confidence, unconditional love for others, and hope for the world.

Live your life as a prayer, and the whole world will heal.

It’s my joy and honor to share with you universal prayers and practices to bring more love to your soul and to the soul of the world.

21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana starts 1.11 on the new moon, and we will pray, meditate, breathe, do yoga, and come together to heal and transform the world through our life as ritual.

Share with me YOUR favorite prayer!

“The Power is Practice

Practice is the Path

The Path is Love”

~ mmd


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