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Shine on Familia!

Confidence did not come to me easily in this life. Perhaps we were born with the seed to blossom, but along the way of life‘s journey, things happen and wounds may pile up. Yoga showed up for me over 30 years ago and one by one the stones have been thrown out of the proverbial backpack.

Visiting with a master teacher I admire and love yesterday,

she reminded me, Monica you have over 10,000 hours of yoga, you are a master teacher! Hearing that from her was like a transmission, and one massive rock came tumbling out. As a coach and mentor to other Yoginis, I know it’s important for me to embody this, believe it, and allow myself to fully and I mean, fully, give it back to the world.

No holding back, no worrying what people will think of this wild bhakti soul, praying with my body, chanting, living a spiritual path as odd as it may seem, guiding and inspiring others who come to me.

My yoga is strong, powerful, sensual, beautiful, fierce, peaceful, devotional, and cannot be put inside a box. It came from Mother India, it came from great teachers who learned from other great teachers, it is influenced by my desire to help others love themselves and love the world.

I pray that all yoga teachers, healers and way-showers embrace their power and serve their gifts for the benefit of all beings. Don’t wait. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Find those who allow you to shine, give you wings, and set you free.

Shine on Familia!

Coming to you in all the ways, come find me in Costa Rica for my Goddess Yoga & Surf Retreat in May, link below!

Thank you

for catching my wings

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