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Soul on Fire Journey begins next week!

If you are a woman, who like me, has a soul on fire to soar, to rise from the ashes, to help make the world a better place, to come out of any cultural or self imposed boxes, and to be your wild and holy self, this I believe, is for YOU. I have created a program that is the culmination of everything that has helped me find happiness, peace, and confidence to continue to rise despite all the outside circumstances of life: Tantric sexuality, yoga, plant medicine, hormone health, money mastery, racial justice, bhakti, astrology, ayurveda, self love + empowerment, attraction based consciousness, purpose based living, activism, and so much more! It requires the determination to commit to yourself and your dreams, is designed to push your edges, open you up to bold new ways of living and being in the world, and radically love yourself as a path to being a beneficial presence to all your loved ones and the planet itself. My son Cheyne constantly whispers in my ear: “be brave mama”, so I whisper it back to you; be brave my sisters, take my hand and allow me the honor to spend this transformational year with you. It’s time to connect with all of the forgotten, frozen, wounded, and holy parts of the divine feminine in you with courage, compassion, respect, and love. Together with me, and the epic faculty I have put together, we can make magic and miracles happen! I am withYou, with tears, laughter, and joy beyond sorrow, Monica bipoc scholarships available, link in below for complementary call w/me, let’s do this! Graphic Art by Karie Reyes

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