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Tantra is a Path...

Tantra is a path that is controversial and not well understood. Authentic tantra is an advanced path of yoga that requires discipline, dedication, and devotion to the One.

As my teachers at Aum Tantra Yoga say, Tantric sex is not Tantra without the yoga practices and philosophy, meditation, pranayama, mantra, yantra, all of it.

It’s about spiritual development and a deep devotion to achieving God/Goddess realization for the benefit of all beings. Along the way, we heal our traumas, relationships, wipe the dust off our chakras, polish up our hearts, find our wild & holy selves, and become better servants in the world.

Well here I am in Oaxaca, Mexico my friends, rocking my world for a monthlong Tantra Certification Course diving deep into this path I’ve been studying for over 25 years. It’s a dream and culmination and though I’m just allowing myself to be open and receive, I’m fairly certain I’ll be sharing more with you in sweet divine timing.

Here’s a pearl from our Italian Tantrika Teacher on a mission Amita:

“LOVE is the #1 healing technology.”

Ramram familia, stay tuned for more pearls along the way.

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