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Thank you!

Thank you so much to everybody’s kindness and outpouring of support after my last post regarding the dream I had about my son Cheyne.

For survivors of suicide loss, that kind of love and support is so healing!

I have been inspired after he showed up in my dream and kicked me in the ass to launch the hardcopy of his book on the one year anniversary of the digital launch: 4/6, which will have been his 30th birthday.

The digital copy got to bestseller last year, and now I’d like the hardcopy to get to bestseller, not for any other reason than for the fact that this is how we will get it in more people’s hands and provide the support needed to prevent suicide, support survivors of suicide loss like me, and anybody who has experienced loss of any kind.

The way this works to get it to bestseller is that everybody needs to purchase the book on this certain day, so please wait till his birthday on April 6 and check the link below to purchase it on that day!

Thank you so much for all your love and support and know that mine is going right back out to you as well!

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