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The Path of Love.

Bhakti is a path of yoga many people don’t know about. Bhakti is many things, but for me I always think of it as the path of love, service, and devotion. Because so much of life, relationships, and our own personal issues can lead us off the path of love, daily practice is that which can bring us back again and again. A truly imperfectly perfect human I am, so I have found refuge, healing, empowerment, and inspiration in the daily practices of yoga, meditation, mantra, ayurveda, and pranayama. Although my main focus lately has been on coaching the women in my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs group, I am excited to open up a few spots for a one on one 6 month Yoga Transformation Healing Package. After seeing what the people in my 40 day Sacred Sadhana have experienced, I’m inspired to bring this to a few special souls who want to go deep with me! The Path of Love is the path we are all on - as fires rage, human suffering continues, and divisiveness pulls us apart, love can keep bringing us back to the only thing that really matters. RamRam, friends, we are ONE.

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