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The Soul of Teaching Yoga

I’m so proud to have had the privilege to train teachers all over the world, some of which are so amazing that they are now my teachers as well!

This weekend I will be teaching a special workshop in my beloved Crested Butte at Thrive Yoga Crested Butte called “The Soul of Teaching Yoga.”

I believe teaching yoga is an altruistic path that can transform, heal, and change peoples lives! In this workshop, you will experience transformative yoga classes, learn how you can extract the most out of them, what is going on in deeper layers that you can benefit from as a dedicated student or teacher, and have a powerful effect in your own practice or in the classes you teach. How to cultivate and hold sacred space Hands on enhancements The most essential asanas Developing your confidence, charisma, influence, and connection My own secrets and tips after over 26 years of teaching!

Starts this Friday for the 8:45 AM class, and for those that are not here to enjoy my teaching, remember I have the 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana available for everyone virtually starting on Monday, July 3! All the details below!

Infinite gratitude to all my teachers, student friends I have trained, and studios that have hosted me, I will be hitting the road again soon and teaching abroad so hope to see my yoga family wherever you are!

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