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The word witch means “wise woman!”

Just like the word crone, the word witch was also distorted by religion and patriarchy.

It’s taken me decades of dedicating myself to ancient spiritual practices and fierce courage to face all of my shadows, inner demons, ancestral patterns, and more.

Now it’s time to reclaim your inner witch:wise woman, and be all that you are, and all that you were meant to be!

Soul on Fire Mystery School is all about no longer shrinking, hiding, doubting yourself, being invisible, or holding yourself back.

We are a sisterhood that celebrates and support each other to be our wild and holy selves, & live and lead with love, passion, and power!

We gather in our sacred cauldron on 11/11 to begin a life-changing transformative year together, so if you’re curious, put your application in and have a call w us, leave me a message if you want to talk, and no Halloween costumes needed, come as you are, and get ready to rock!

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