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There is a time for everything, and everything in its time.

Went to sleep thinking about this powerful super full moon blood moon total lunar eclipse 🌕 and woke up still praying on how to honor it... it’s a time for a major completion in order to open to a new beginning. I cried and prayed through my practice and know it’s time to let go of the pain associated with the name and thoughts of Cheyne. It’s time to associate his name with love, joy, good memories, faith that he’s happy now, lives inside me, and that we’ll meet again. I know the grief won’t disappear, and I’ll honor it when it comes, but I’m going to sound his name now and remember all the beauty and light of him and all he taught me and is still teaching me. He taught me unconditional love, and made it so easy for me. He’s teaching me to live like Tara now, with one foot in heaven, and one in this world. He’s teaching me that it’s ok to pause, rest, let my dreams marinate, and focus on others now... just be, give, and at the same time love and nurture myself through it...This portal I lay down a piece of my pain, and open to Leo’s lionhearted courage, leadership, joy, creativity, and crazy love. A new cycle begins. How may I serve thee?

How may I serve me?

I give myself permission to BE. And be open to my sacred desires, newly arising in this new skin, to be heard, felt, and naturally unfold...

Simple wisdom from the Tao: 🙏🏾 There is a time for everything, and everything in its time. 🙏🏾

With bloodshot eyes and wearing Cheyne’s beanie, I wish you all a ritual day to listen to your heart and allow the magic of the moon to whisper it’s wisdom.

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