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Are meant to be of service. As a bhakti yogini business coach, i help women who want to have an abundant income, (the more we have the more we can give!) but it’s more about service. How may i serve thee Lord? i love that so much. When all the doubts, fears, self imposed limitations, and otherwise appear, this is the question that I ask. What is greater, all of that, or your desire to serve? NOW is the time to serve, to rise, to share your gifts, to speak your truth: For the benefit of all beings. I’m opening up two spaces for private one on one Yoga Entrepenuer Coaching, please see link in bio for more info and scheduling a complementary call with me. This is for goddesses who are wanting to identify and step into living into your soul purpose, increasing your income and impact, devoting yourself to a cause you believe in, and stepping into your authentic leadership and soulful purpose based mission! “Love Everyone. Serve Everyone. Remember God.” ~Neem Karoli Baba

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