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Time for a ritual pause!





I have been a go girl for the past few months; from my month long Tantra training in Mexico, to the emotional process of finishing and publishing my book, “WithYou Forever”, starting a new (epic) relationship, running my Soul on Fire group, and transitioning back to living in the States in my beloved town Crested Butte.


Mama needs a little rest.

I think the lunation cycle is on my side, with the full moon in Scorpio, lunar eclipse, and mercury in retrograde, giving us the nudge to go inwards!

What more is possible that may arise from a little bit of loving self-care, slowing down, listening, and more being rather than doing?

Opening my inner eye, my heart, and praying for the world, for my own evolution, and for what wants to come through me next.

Anything is possible!

Love Yourself & You Love the World!


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