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Transform your life.⁠

“Do not dwell in the past,⁠

Do not dream of the future, ⁠

Concentrate the mind on the ⁠

Present Moment.”⁠


The reason why we meditate and do practices everyday is because that profound wisdom is not easy to embody! ⁠

My grief journey has led me to learn to refine this because the past is way to painful, the future is unclear, so the balance point is right here right now. ⁠

I have two openings for my One on One 6 Month Yoga Transformation Journey right now. After decades of practicing yoga, pranayama breath, meditation, mantra, ayurveda, and the bhakti path of love, service and devotion, it’s my joy to share this yoga and spiritual coaching program to take your life and your practice to a whole new level of consciousness, fulfillment, and living with your soul on fire no matter what has happened, or is happening in your life. More info + link for complementary call with me in bio.⁠

We are all living amidst so much grief and chaos. May your practices bring you to that still point inside where all is clear, peaceful, and light, beyond all the outer circumstances. ⁠

I’ll meet you there.⁠

Photo by Mark Nadir

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