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Well, life goes on. The toughest part.

Well, life goes on. The toughest part. To resume normal activities, social interactions, go to the market. Maybe even the post office. Let myself laugh again. Work. Serve. Live. Dream. 🍀 Lucky for me, One of the things I do is teach online yoga teacher mentorship programs, so I have women from all over the world whom I mentor and support through their yoga goals and dreams of serving their gifts in their own special way. When Cheyne passed into the next dimension, everything stopped. But what I found is that the one thing I could do after about a month passed, was to reconnect with the Goddesses in my mentorship groups. We have been together since last January, and just have a few months left to go before it ends, and many of them have come so far. Getting on the phone for their one on ones, answering their questions on our group Facebook page, and getting back on our zoom calls to give them helpful content and support has also been a huge gift for ME. Helping these amazing women with their challenges and dreams is one of the most wonderful ways that has healed my soul.

As I contemplated transitioning back into 2019, I realized that this is part of my Dharma path I feel very passionate about and want to continue. I considered not having a group in 2019 because I felt that my grieving process would be too difficult, yet I realized that although my journey with grief will continue, I feel it’s more important than ever to create this sisterhood circle and help women make a bigger impact in the world. Borrowing a quote from my son’s page, and in his honor, this year‘s Yoga Mentorship Course will be called “Soul on Fire!” 🔥♥️ I know he would be proud of me, and I’m feeling it’s more important than ever to rise up and help people and the world!

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