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Winter Solstice, Yule, and Full Moon in Cancer blessings!

This darkest day of the year guides us into the return of the light, a time of rebirth, and an opportunity for inner reflection. With emotional, mothering, nurturing full moon in Cancer coinciding with the Solstice, its no doubt illuminating the tender parts of our lives. I had a good cry myself to sleep night last night, and thats ok. I know it's a time to let go of any shreds of grief that want to be released from the hardest Fall Season of my life. I have learned I'm f*n stronger than I would have ever imagined, and that I can turn pain into passion. Passion to love God/dess, ALL three of my boys, the people I'm blessed to teach, mentor, love, and surround me, and all the causes and life there is to live and honor. As leaders of light and love, may we love and nurture ourselves, so profoundly, with such devotion and dedication, that our body, speech, and mind are an inspiration for all. For those that are not surrounded by family and sadness or depression is what is being felt, please remember, this too shall pass. The light will return, the heart will heal, things will shift. Please reach out and know the lover inside is always there, adoring you. I don't have a lover these days, I feel him, but he hasn't appeared yet! But I know in my deepest heart that I am loved. As I release some darkness in my heart, I am opening to new love and rebirthing myself this new season of light. Bless you all, I am on my way to Tara Mandala with my son Ronin by my side, to be in ritual for the Solstice with my Lama Tsultrim Allione. Take good care my friends, be your best companion, start dreaming your dreams for 2019, let your soul open, and remember, you are Divine.

Everyday is a holy one. Aho! XOXO

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