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Yoga is more than asana poses.

The yoga path also includes meditation, prayer, breath, food + plant medicine, devotion, accessing your highest consciousness, planetary activism, awakening your gifts to share in the world, healing your soul, loving yourself passionately, and being a light!

If this calls to you, I invite you:

Yoga Transformation 6 Month One on One Journey

40 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana starting 1/1/2022

Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission Annual Group starting 2/15/2022

Yoga Entreprenuer Coaching One on One 6 Month Launch Yourself Package

Soul on Fire Satsang Free Facebook Page Community where I share practices every Wednesday at 11:11 am MST

Complimentary Soul Discovery Call with me for any of the above; that’s right an old fashioned phone call connect!

I’m here for you to blaze your heart, heal your beautiful self, increase your income + impact, and create alchemy to change the world and transform your life! Links below + gratitude discounts NOW.

RamRam, love yourself and you love the world!

I believe in YOU!

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