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You are made of stars!

We are all in a pivotal energetic shift these next few days and weeks starting with the Equinox portal!

When you become aligned with the rhythms of nature and the powerful energetic shifts that happen astrologically, it can have a profound impact on your being.

As above, so below.

One of the wisest teachings that for some reason has been lost in educating human beings throughout our educational systems.

In Tantra & Yoga we align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of the Earth:

That are ALL within us, and can benefit from all of the healing, transformation and energetic shifts that are now available for new beginnings and intentions for your life.

One simple daily practice that you can do during this time is to simply sharpen your senses and take a moment to gaze briefly at the sun at sunset or sunrise, and look up at the sky at night and to be in awe and gratitude as you taken all of the energy.

Another one that can just take a few seconds when you are awakening or moments of meditation is to draw your attention towards smooth, full, deep, even breathing:

Feel the inner shimmer inside you; the way your chakras are vibrating, and the subtle pleasure of your heart and all the ways your system keeps you alive and is recalibrating at this time and receiving all the light codes deeply into your being.

We’ll be activating all this and more in my Intro to Tantra Course 3.21.22,  below!

You are made of stars!

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