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~ Unveiling The Secrets Of Living Heaven On Earth ~

Wow, I have been putting so much into this program, and I’m so happy that we are finally starting on 11/11!

Soul on Fire Mystery School

~ Unveiling The Secrets Of Living Heaven On Earth ~

Radiant Living For Women Of Wisdom In The 50’s & 60’s!

This sacred stage of life is a time to reignite your power, deepen your spiritual path, love yourself wildly & boldly, get radiantly healthy, awaken your sexuality, and embody your life mission!

The practices and teachings in this program have been how I have survived and thrived through the challenges of my life,

and the time has come for me to put it all together with a fabulous faculty and a curriculum for YOU to live a life of passion, radiance, purpose, and claim your seat as the wisdom keepers of the planet that the feminine has always been!

YOU are the maiden, mother, and queen embodied, and you are here to rock!

Step into my temple, with a fabulous curriculum and faculty, experience the extraordinary power of woman to woman support and change the way the world works at a woman in her 50s and 60s!

There is still time to step into my temple doors, all the info below, and reach out, I’m here!

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