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~A Safe Home for Nathy & Her Daughters~

Meet Nathy Madrigal, and her two “princesas”, Jimena and Mari Paz. Nathy is a local Costa Rican single mother, living in Nosara, who works six days a week, making the local wage, is a volunteer firefighter, rescues dogs and cats, is in school to get her license as a paramedic for the local “Bomberos” and one of the best moms I have ever met! Every year during the rainy season her simple dwelling gets varying degrees of damage, and most recently her roof caved in various parts of her living quarters, causing extensive damage to their belongings, her daughters school supplies, and making it impossible to live inside. While this was happening, Nathy was out on a volunteer fire fighter assignment, helping a local neighbor with a tragedy, as well as taking care of a friends dogs, juggling her jobs, and caring for her children. Nathy and her daughters are like family to me, she is like the daughter I never had. I remember what it was like being a struggling single mother, though her conditions are much worse than mine ever were. Many people helped me during those times which I am eternally grateful for, and as much as I have loved paying it forward with my support for Nathy and her family, she needs more than I can currently give on my own and I would like to ask for your support. I am asking for the auspicious angel number $11,111 to be raised as soon as possible. No amount is too small, everything will be gratefully received, and all of your prayers and best wishes for Nathy and her two daughters are appreciated! We are ALL ONE family, and I know that not only she, all of you, and I will continue give from our hearts so that all may be fed, provided for, and loved! Rainy season is upon us, Nathy and the girls are displaced, and there is a sense of urgency to this situation, so if you feel it in your heart, please do donate today, thank you so very much! Bless you for your kindness, prayers, and generosity! Link in comments and a separate post is going up with a direct link right after this one!  Om Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu; May all beings be happy and free, and may my thoughts words and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all beings.

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