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August Soul Sadhana

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I have been immersed in sharing my heart, my beloved practices, intuitive messages, and inspiration to integrate mantra, tantra, breath, meditation, and yoga in my 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana that comes to a close this weekend.

I have received so much fulfillment from all the people who have shared all the ways they have healed, transformed, grown, and expanded their hearts and minds when they dedicate and devote themselves to daily practice that includes so much more from the path of yoga to go deep and meet the divine inside their own souls.

For those of you on the path of yoga who want to learn more, tell me what is a missing for you and your practice and what are you wanting to learn more about and integrate into your life?

I’ve been guided to keep it going so my August Soul Sadhana will begin on July 31 through August 28 for those of you who want to jump in!

“Love Yourself & You Love the World!”

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